Safari chef 2 low pressure BBQ

unboxing the cadac safari chef 2 low pressure bBQ

In this section we un box the Safari Chef 2 BBQ, offer you some tips with the left over packaging and give you sneak peak at the next section.

let's unbox the
Safari Chef 2 low pressure BBQ

well it's a box

Save the packaging

If you're reading my review, that's great because it means you haven't gone out and bought a Safari Chef 2 yet. The reason that's good is that I don't want you to be too excited when un-boxing your very own Safari Chef 2 LP BBQ. I don't want you ripping apart the packaging as some packing can actually be reused later in useful ways.

In particular, the clear bags the Safari Chef Pan and Grid Pan come in are extremely handy as you will find in the cooking and cleaning sections. So don't tear them up as they are handy to keep.

circular cardboard and clear plastic bags

In the next section, 'a closer look at what you get'

As the title suggests, we will go into greater detail about the context you get with the Safari Chef 2 low pressure BBQ.

Read on >

Ready to live the Baraai life?

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