How to connect a gas bottle to the Safari chef 2 BBQ

What you will need

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Gas bottle

You can use either a Butane or Propane gas bottle for the Cadac BBQ. Please scroll down for more information about the gas types.

butane gas regulator

Regulator and hose set

To use a gas bottle with a Cadac BBQ such as the Safari chef 2 you will need to use a gas bottle regulator and hose with jubilee clips. You will need to use the correct regulator for gas type, more detail below.

adjustable spanner

Adjustable Spanner

Just like the gas canisters you will need a 17mm spanner to tighten the gas hose onto the BBQ and you may also need an adjustable spanner to tighten up the gas regulator unless you choose a clip on regulator. We will talk more about regulators below.

Calor Gas

We recommend using Calor gas and for home BBQ use or holidaying a 4.5 small gas bottle should be surficent. The main upside of using a gas bottle over a gas canister is that bottles last longer but are much heavier to transport so they are mostly ideal for long camp trips, motor home or caravaning. We normally see these used for caravaning to be honest.

Butane or Propane gas?
Firstly Butane is always the blue bottle and Propane is always coloured coded red.

We advise that you visit your local garage to purchase a gas bottle which you normal buy and keep and then have it filled up. Depending on how much you use the bottles will obviously depend how long they last but a typical bottle will last a session easily give or take.

calor gas bottles
butane gas regulator

Regulator, hose and jubilee clips

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Buying links

butane gas regulator

Butane screw on regulator, hose and jubilee clips. £11.99

Butane clip on regulator set

Butane clip on regulator, hose and jubilee clips. £16.99

Propane gas regulator hose set

Propane screw on regulator, hose and jubilee clips. £12.99

Propane clip on gas regulator, clips and hose set. £14.99

adjustable spanner

Multi purpose adjustable spanner for connecting screw on gas bottle regulator or tightning the gas hose to the Cadac BBQ. Great all round tool for any job. Recommend buy.

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