How to connect gas to your Safari chef 2 BBQ

We will show you how to connect a gas canister and a gas bottle to your safari chef 2 bbq.

In this review we take you through the process step by step with our demonstration video which, is accompanied by our visual guide, as well as tell you what items you a) get with the BBQ and b) what you may need to buy and where to buy. Let us start with ‘how to connect a gas canister.’

Then on page two of this ‘how to guide’, we will take you through how to ‘connect to a butane or propane gas bottle’. Let us get started. Should you have any questions we have a contact form for you to send us a query or alternatively you can leave a message on our facebook page.

Connecting Gas to the Safari Chef 2 LP BBQ [ video, < 2min ]

What you will need

Apart from the Safari chef 2 BBQ you will need to purchase a Regulator suitable for the Safari chef 2 BBQ, at least one gas canister and if you don’t already own a spanner, a spanner as well. You can get all these items for a great price at Amazon using our referal link which adds no extra cost to you but does give us a small fee, which helps support this website.

cadac single regulator

Cadac gas regulator

We used a single regulator in our video but you can also use a dual regulator which, has the benefit of allowing you to connect two gas canisters.

Gas cansister

Obvisouly we are going to need at least one gas canister to connect to the Safari chef 2 BBQ. See below for more gas canister options.         

adjustable spanner

17mm Spanner

Although the Cadac gas regulator simply screws onto the gas canister, we do need to use a 17mm spanner to tighten the nut connecting the gas hose to the Safari chef 2 BBQ base.

Single regulator or dual regulator?

You have two options when it comes to gas regulators, single regulator or dual regulator by Cadac. There is only a few pounds difference in price between them. You can find the single Cadac regulator for around £25 and the dual regulator for around £30. Note we say around because the prices at Amazon actually go up and down depending on market need so price will vary a little. As you saw from our video we are using the single gas regulator and we find it is more than enough, infact the dual one is often marketed for the bigger Cadac BBQ’s such as the Carri Chef 2 which naturally requires more power. Either choice is good, so it is up to you.

Gas canisters

In our video review we used the ColemanC500 gas canister which can be brought individually or in packs. We actually started with a Cadac canister and then got a Coleman before getting a pack of Coleman gas canisters, mainly because they were on sale. Both the Coleman and Cadac canisters perform well, we haven’t really noticed a massive difference to be honest.

So how long does a typical gas canister last, you ask? Well whilst holidaying I used a full gas canister for 10 days twice a day for breakfast, main dinner cooking and the occasional hot drink; after 10 days of use there was about 10% gas left in one canister, which I do not feel that is too bad really considering the cost and size of a canister. I would strongly recommend buying a value pack as opposed to buying single canisters, that way you know you have spares even through you could easily pick one up at a holiday park store, but you will be paying tourist prices! So save yourself money now and get a value pack.

For a summary for how long a gas canister will last I would say one canister equals 10 days of use at less than 20 min use a day at 80% flame, but I would always advise carrying a second canister like I did just to be safe.

Coleman gas canister

coleman gas canister

Coleman extra value pack (6)

coleman gas canister pack

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