What real people say

Hello loyal viewers, here is a great story from a trucker who got in touch with us and this is his story. Enjoy.

For privacy, we will refer to the Trucker by a nickname ‘Tim’.

The safari chef 2 is great; it is small and compact and fits in my truck perfect.

As many people know, especially my wife, kids and friends trucking is hard; it is long hours driving, many days away from home in the UK, but far worse in other countries who can spend weeks away at a time so I am grateful its only days.

I cannot always get to a service station as you can imagine so more often or not us truckers have to rest or sleep in lay bys and if we do find a service station they are either too full or closed when I get there.

It is fair to say trucking is not a glamorous life, long hours, showing every week or so lol, pissing into bushes and eating take away grub or biting into sandwiches from the misses.

Therefore, for me the Safari Chef 2 is a good solution, in fact, it is perfect as it is small, compact, and easy to store in my truck cabin. All I need to do is pack a cool box with some bacon, eggs, and sausages and away I go.  It is so convenient.

The Safari Chef 2 is easy to setup which only takes a couple of mins, literally flip the legs out, connect the gas and pop a pan on. The cooking time is extremely fast and the food is simply delicious, the fat drains off the grub, which helps me, live a healthier life style despite the pounds around me belly ha. That is the trucking life for you. Obviously, after use I have to let it cool down before packing away, oh, cleaning is dead easy, just a bit of water to wipe it down, and I give the BBQ a good soaking when I get back home anyway. Fair to say again i am happy with the Safari chef 2 and i use it about 4 times a week easy and it holding up fine after months of use. Therefore, I would like to say thank you to Mike at Outdoor BBQ reviews for not only your review but also telling me about this BBQ.

This little Safari Chef 2 BBQ is so good we as a family decided to get another; after all, they only cost hundred bucks for our beach day outs. Fair to say the misses and the kids love the BBQ, they love running out of the water back onto the beach for a hot dog snack. I am quite chuffed with my new BBQ and I really do recommend the Cadac Safari Chef 2; it has not only helped me in my day job but also brought the family together. Fantastic. Tim