Unboxing the Safari Chef two Low Pressure BBQ


In this section of the review we shall walk you through what you get when you first purchase a Safari chfe 2 low pressure BBQ, From unboxing the BBQ, to a closer look at what you get with the Safari chef 2 and we shall even cover what you do not get and some recommended accessories you might like.

Unboxing the Safari chef 2

Contain your excitement:

If you’re reading my review that’s great because it means you haven’t gone out and brought a Safari Chef 2 yet. The reason that’s good is that I don’t want you to be too excited when un-boxing your very own Safari Chef 2 LP BBQ. I don’t want you ripping apart the packaging as some packing can actually be reused later in useful ways.

cardboard circles

In particular the clear bags the Safari Chef Pan and Grid Pan come in are extremely handy as you will find out in the cooking and cleaning sections. So don’t tear them up as they are handy to keep.

The other bags

The Safari Chef 2 bag also comes in a resalable bag. Although I don’t have a particular use for it regarding the BBQ you might have a use for it. Oh, you will never get the bag back into its clear bag again. So don’t try. The lid and BBQ unit also come in large bubble bags which can be handy to keep.

The cardboard is useful

The circular cardboard dividers could be used for making a pad for the Safari Chef 2 bag. I’ll talk more about this below when we get to the Safari Chef 2 Bag.

If you wish to keep the Safari Chef 2 box that’s up to you but sadly the Safari Chef 2 when packed away in its bag doesn’t fit back into its box. A shame really as this would have been ideal for extra protection especially when storing the Safari Chef 2 in a moving Caravan.

As you saw from the unpacking video the Safari Chef 2 is very well packaged with cardboard dividers, clear bags and very well wrapped up in bubble wrap.

The BBQ is quite well compressed within its box which means the parts are unlikely to move about or get damaged.

So I think it’s fair to say that if you order on-line that your Safari Chef 2 will arrive in good condition which will give you peace of mind.

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What you get, a closer look

Now that you have seen how well the BBQ is package, it is time to take a closer look at what you get. The Safari Chef 2 Low pressure BBQ we got had the following compoments:

Grid Pan

The grid plate is light weight and made of metal. The top metal cooking side is coated in a non-stick easy clean coating which has that black sparkling appearance to it. The underside is metal with a matt black finish and in the centre of the plate is the heat deflector shield.

The Grid Plate is 29 cm in diameter or just under 11.5 inches.
So for simplicity it’s less than a foot across. Not a bad cooking size really.

I would say it weighs around 1/2 a kilo or less.

The grids themselves are about 5mm tall or 1/4 so there quite large which is good as this lifts the food off the grid and allows the fat to run off into the grooves without which helps prevent the food from sticking to the grid.

There are fat drip holes all around the outer edge of the Grid Plate which will allow the fat to drain off and down into the fat pan trance below.

The Grid Plate fat drainage holes are positioned so that they are directly above the fat pan trench which means the fat should only drain into the fat pan and away from the flame, reducing the risk of flare ups.

We’ll talk more about the little hooks and handles in the next section – Assembling the Safari Chef 2 BBQ.

Grid Plate Front
Chef Pan Front

Chef Pan

The Chef Pan like the Grid Plate is coated in a non-stick easy clean black sparkling finish on the cooking side. The underside of the Chef Pan like the Grid Plate is matt black with a heat deflector plate in the centre.

The Chef Pan is actually a little smaller than the Grid Plate being about 26 cm or 10 and 1/4 inches in diameter. So it’s almost a couple of inches smaller than the Grid Plate.
There is a reason for the Chef Pan being smaller and this will be covered in the Assembly section.

The Chef Pan is about 1/2 inch deep and was designed to be shallow on purpose to promote healthy eating by minimizing fat. The Chef Pan due to its shallow height is not suitable for deep flying.

In terms of weight I’d say the Chef Pan was just a tab lighter than the Grid Plate. It’s very light and easy to handle.


The lid can be used as a wok is made of black smooth metal. Although it is light weight it does carry a quality feel to it.

The bottom of the bowl is 9 inches in diameter and the top is 11 inches in diameter. The bowl is about 3 inches deep.

The bottom of the bowl presses down and extrudes on the underside. This is to allow the bowl to sit on the pot stand which we will demonstrate in the next section.

The handles are well secured to the bowl and the handles are wrapped in plastic covers which feature the Cadac logo.

The handles are 2.5 inches in length and 3 75th inches tall.
I feel when I pick up the bowl the handles give me good feel of confidence and control when moving the bowl about.

Bowl Front
lid wok down
Bowl Handles

Pot Stand

The pot stand is in fact very strong and well welded. The pot stand is made of lightweight aluminium metal and the rings are strong and therefore won’t bend.

In fact the rings are 3/8th tall and the metal legs are a couple of (mm) thick or 1/8th thick. The top of each leg is teethed to add extra grip but don’t worry this doesn’t damage the lid/wok in any way. Not a single mark.

pot stand

The main BBQ unit

The main unit is made of black hardened plastic and aluminium metal which has resulted in a massive weight reduction compared to the older Safari Chef model which was an all metal design.

The Safari Chef 2 features the new piezo button which is the small blue button with the lightning symbol. So you can kiss good bye to matches as all you need to do with Safari Chef 2 is turn the knob and press the piezo ignition button a couple of times and Safari Chef 2 bursts into life. I will demonstrate lighting up the Safari Chef 2 in the Cooking Section.

Cadac Safari Chef two BBQ

The piezo ignition button is made of hard blue plastic and requires the user to press in firmly until you hear a click. When you hear the click you’ll also see a blue streak of electricity appear out of the metal piezo lighter on top of the heat shield shooting into the burner and so igniting the gas.

The burner is metal of course and is a petite 2.5 inches in diameter or 6.5 cm across and 3/4 inch deep/ 2.5cm. So it’s not very big but really it’s about the same size as a home oven burner and as good as any caravan stove. I can assure you it does burn quite hot despite its size.

Cadac Safari Chef two ignition button

The burner can be unscrewed for maintain and cleaning. It screws off anti clockwise.


Now I first heard this next part on-line before checking it out myself and I too am a little shocked to find that the thread that holds the burner is made of plastic!

Despite the fact the burner is held with in place with a plastic thread we have cooked on our Safari Chef 2 several times now and there has been absolutely no damage at all. But this thread should be made of metal period. I don’t understand why Cadac would choose plastic when clearly a metal thread would have been the better option.

Heat Shield
The top surface of the BBQ is protected by an aluminium heat shield which is screwed into place. I’ll talk more about the 3 black things in the next section assembling the Safari Chef 2.

Heat Control Knob
Back to the front again and we have a very simple easy to use control knob. You just press in and rotate anticlockwise to control the flame.

I will go into more detail about the control knob in the cooking section.

The cooking knob is 1.5 inches in diameter and 1 inch deep. It’s a good size and easy to handle. It presses in about 4mm and is not difficult to push in or turn although you do have to hold the BBQ with hand to stop yourself from just pushing the BBQ backwards.

It only turns a quarter before it clips into place and then you have just over another quarter more worth of heat control going from max temperature to lower cooler temperature control setting.

I don’t know how much feedback Cadac receive but I’ve read a lot of people’s views on the Carri and Safari models where people want a numbered heat dial instead of a line. But unfortunately you’re not getting a dial with the Safari Chef 2. So you’ll to make do with a line and a blue arrow on the control knob.

In saying this we found controlling the flame via the control knob very institutive and easy, after all there is only a 1/4 or so worth of heat control. But we’ll talk more about controlling the flame settings in the cooking section.

In the centre of the Safari Chef 2 is the gas valve which is made of brass metal. Thank fully the thread unlike the burner thread is made of metal.

There are 6 rounded vent holes cut into the aluminium underside.

Although the Piezo Ignition wires are standard wires I’m not a big fan of how thin and vulnerable the wires are. I would have liked it if the wires were thicker as this would give me greater peace of mind. I’m extremely careful when I handle the Safari Chef 2 as not to touch or pull on the wires and I advise you do the same.


The legs are made of black hardened plastic.
Each leg is 9.5 inches/ 24cm long and 2 3/4 inches / 7cm wide. Each leg has a rubber stud on the bottom for extra grip. If we look at the underside we can see the leg springs which in my opinion look pretty strong and long lasting.

Cadac Safari Chef two BBQ

Cadac generously give you a free gas valve which screws onto the bottom of the main unit. We’ll demonstrate this later on in the review. You only need the gas valve for gas bottles and not for gas canisters. The valve is compatible with either butane or profane hoses. 


You can’t leave the gas valve on the Safari Chef 2 BBQ as it will prevent the legs from fully closing which also means you can’t pack it away into its bag.

legs close

Now the old Safari Chef model had those big circular holes cut into its legs which allowed when folded down the gas hose to poke through.

It looks like Cadac on the quest to improve the Safari Chef 2 choose to abandon functionality of the legs for more aesthetically pleasing design. Which to be honest I do like the new leg design more as it makes the Safari Chef 2 look more slick and modern.

Of course the legs now being made of hardened plastic and no longer metal as they were on the old Safari Chef. Cutting holes into them would compromise the structural integrity of the Safari Chef 2.

But now I’m aware of the gas valve issue I feel Cadac should have designed the legs differently. But all in all it looks like nothing more than a compromise between reducing weight and keeping functionality. It’s hard to things perfect.

This of course is not the end of the world but it’s not ideal to have to keep screwing the valve on and off at start and end of each holiday which could over time wear out the valve screw.

There is an alternative accessory you can buy for the Safari Chef 2 which is a quick release Gas Valve. It would still limit the leg closer but the legs should close enough to get them back into the bag and the bag is big enough if the legs have to stick out a little.

Fat Pan
The fat pan is made of the same black smooth metal as the Lid/Wok and is also very lightweight. I’d say a little lighter than the Lid/Wok is. In fact the Safari Chef 2 components are so light not even a kid would find it heavy. Now that’s saying something.

The top diameter of the Fat Pan is bang on a foot/ 12 inches or 30 cm in diameter and the base is 10 and 1/4 inch in diameter or just over 26cm.
The Fat Pan is 2 and 3/4 inches deep and there is a hole in the middle to allow the burner to pop through.

The inner extruded circle slopes down towards the outer edge of the Fat Pan which draws any fat away from the main burner and instead directs the fat into the fat trench.

The trench it’s self is 1.5 inches wide and is more than big enough to hold a sessions worth of fat.

Fat Pan


The Safari Chef 2 bag is made of durable canvas material and is large enough to fit all the Safari Chef 2 components in it with a little room to spare. See Packing away and Storage for some examples of what else can fit into the Safari Chef 2 bag as well as a video demonstration of packing the Safari Chef 2 away.

Cadac Safari Chef two bag


10 inches Height, 13 inches diameter and 13 inches deep. These measurements exclude the net bag.

The Safari Chef 2 LP BBQ Bag has two good quality main zips.

Inside the main bag compartment. I’ve already said this compartment is more than big enough to store the Safari Chef 2 BBQ with room to spare.

inside Bag

Inside the Lid compartment which as you can see has a thin canvas divider for the cooking plates. The lid has its own zip which is of the same quality as the main bag zips. You can’t access the lid compartment without having to open the main bag.

inside Bag Lid

Safari Chef 2 Bag Handles

The handles are made of durable 1inch think canvas and when held like in the photo below the distance from hand to bag is around 6 inches. This means for most people the bag hangs just above knee height which makes for comfortable carrying. The short 6 inch high handles make the bag rigid and easy to control whilst carrying.

bag handles

At the rear of the bag is a Net compartment which is designed to hold gas canisters.

I would have liked it if the bottom of the bag had one of those hard padded inserts placed inside the bag to give the Safari Chef 2 more protection when placed on the ground.
Now I said it would have been nice to have a padded bottom for the bag, however it is not something that I feel is desperately needed.

Cadac Safari Chef two storage net


The Cadac Safari Chef 2 Low pressue Manual is paper back and is just under 6 inches/14.5cm wide and 81/4 tall/21cm.

The manual is 61 pages long but don’t worry as only the first 6 pages are English and the rest are foreign languages. So it’s a very short simple manual and very quick to read through.

Safari Chef 2 Manual – pages

Page 1: general information and safety instructions
Page 2: covers assembly instructions
Page 3: component list – full illustrated anatomy of the Safari Chef 2
Page 4 and page 5: the manual covers fitting and changing the hose and gas cylinder, using the appliance,

Cooking options:
Although there are no recipes in the Safari Chef 2 manual Cadac do list many if not all of the things you can do with the various parts.

More about what you can cook with Safari Chef 2 in our cooking section.

Cleaning, general maintenance, returning the appliance for repair or service.

The Safari Chef 2 is guaranteed for 2 years against factory faults. Given the success of the old safari chef I would have thought the guarantee would be at least 5 or 6 years considering how many people have had their Safari Chef’s in access of ten years without fault. In fact people normally only buy a new Safari Chef only after their old one finally wears out.

Spares and accessories

There are spares for the entire safari’s components which I assume would be free under guarantee but I’m sure Cadac would allow you to purchase this if necessary even if your guarantee ran out.

Optional extras to purchase


Cadac Safari Chef 2 Portable Barbecue Lid

When we brought our Safari Chef 2 BBQ this item was not available so this is indeed a new accessory. It acts as a lid for the Wok and yes it will pack into the Safari chef bag as the bag is quit generous in space. This is an optional extra and can be purchased for around £14.

What you Do not get 🙁

The Cadac Safari Chef 2 LP bbq is fantastic package deal but there are some essential items that are not included. They are: Cookery suitable for the Cadac BBQ, Regulator and hose and a gas canister. So obviously in order to use the Cadac BBQ you will need to purchase these items; thank fully they do not cost much. We cover gas regulators kits and gas canisters in our connecting a gas cansiter section.

Gas bottle or canister

butane gas regulator

Regulator and hose set

out door bbq reviews logo



Athough we will offer many tips and advise on cookery in our cooking section we shall quickly go through some buying options with you. Cadac have their own brand of cookery but there are also other brands to choose from, so lets drive into the options with you.

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Buying links

butane gas regulator

Butane screw on regulator, hose and jubilee clips. £11.99

Butane clip on regulator set

Butane clip on regulator, hose and jubilee clips. £16.99

Propane gas regulator hose set

Propane screw on regulator, hose and jubilee clips. £12.99

Propane clip on gas regulator, clips and hose set. £14.99

adjustable spanner

Multi purpose adjustable spanner for connecting screw on gas bottle regulator or tightning the gas hose to the Cadac BBQ. Great all round tool for any job. Recommend buy.

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